SMS for home delivery

SMS for Home Delivery: Roll’d Case Study

Roll’d have led the way in bringing Vietnamese food to the masses. The franchise offers Vietnamese street food with a modern Australian twist. Roll’d is one of many of Tall Bob’s food retail clients. Like many businesses, Roll’d had to adapt their business model when COVID hit and they saw the decline of foot traffic from inner-city workers. That’s why Roll’d rolled to SMS for home-delivery meals.


Roll'd food being eaten with chopsticks
Source: Roll’d


Along came ‘rona


Many customers were spending more time at home and using their mobile phones more and more. Roll’d used Tall Bob’s seamless mobile ordering process with great success. They started offering stay-at-home meals, giving their diners familiar, healthy and fresh Vietnamese cuisine and an enticing home delivery option.

To get started, diners were offered a sizeable discount on their first home order.


“Based on the sales data from our home delivery campaigns, we’re seeing 200%+ return on investment on home delivery offers to customers in the vicinity of their local store.”

General Manager – Operations at Roll’d


The ordering process uses SMS, a daily communication medium that has been around for more than 20 years. However, Tall Bob can cleverly incorporate complete branding and tracking capability into the ordering processes. Analysis of previous Roll’d campaigns showed that more than 50% of their customers who engaged with the SMS attempted to place a home delivery order.



Building trust in SMS and home delivery

Establishing connections and brand reputation was vital for the Roll’d team. The keys to the success of the Roll’d home delivery SMS campaigns were ensuring the offer is safe, comes from a known source and lastly (and importantly) providing a delicious offer.

With Tall Bob, the Roll’d team could consistently send from an SMS source their customers could be familiar with and embed their brand across the home delivery user journey. For the marketing team, we were able to plan and design highly campaign-specific tracking codes that could measure return on investment by campaign and segment.

Karl Deitz, Head of Customer Success at Tall Bob, explains, “Gone are the days when retailers would send out an SMS blast and hope for the best. Our platform can now track not only successful SMS deliveries but which consumers engaged with the campaign, as well as who clicked to place an order or completed the feedback form. This gives our retailers far greater insights for re-marketing or future marketing efforts.”

Want a hand about setting SMS up for success? Check out how.



So, why Tall Bob?


Tall Bob is a global leader in mobile engagement and customer experience. Our platform is a next-generation SMS customer engagement platform that couples SMS and MMS distribution—allowing for optimised video, branded landing pages, QR codes, detailed analytics, forms and surveys and more. In addition, an intuitive editor enables Tall Bob clients to build their campaigns via a graphical drag-and-drop interface. There’s loads of ideas of how you can get started today in our SMS Marketing by a SMS Marketer series.



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