Test Analyst

An incredible 3.5 trillion messages were sent in 2020 from businesses to people. That’s 115.7 million messages every hour, every day of the year. Businesses can’t get enough of mobile messaging. It’s because they know that SMS messages are read within 90 seconds, 90% of the time.

Like our name, we want to stand out…stand tall, and do things differently. Our team stand out because we’re innovative in our thinking and highly driven, share an excellent work ethic and are all team players.

Some services tell tall tales about the number of SMS messages they send and how effective their service is. But Tall Bob isn’t satisfied with simply sending messages, which is why our robust platform delivers more functionality, more creativity and more insight with every message.

Our software is good. Like really good and even the best developers need the support and rigour of a great tester.

This is an entry-level position, and your role will focus on assisting the development team. Your primary focus is on testing and a secondary focus is on helping our customers with first-line technical support. You will work closely with our highly experienced development team in an Agile environment, using Atlassian (Jira and Confluence) for project management and documentation.

Ideally, you will need:
  • A strong grounding in SDLC and agile methodology
  • Testing techniques or discipline with a focus on UAT, White Box Testing, Smoke Testing and BDD concepts
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
If you were here last month, you would have:
  • Tested our new analytics dashboards
  • Designed the testing protocols for our latest software partnership
  • Worked with Product and Marketing on our integrations marketplace
  • Ensured there were no bugs when we launched our new brand for our customers
  • Consumed copious cups of coffee and/or tea
  • Had fun

You will need to be a resident or have a working visa of the country we call down under.

So, are you ready to talk to us about how you’re going to be part of and deliver Australia’s most innovative and engaging mobile messaging solution?