The SMS for Goki integration built for exceptional guest experiences.

Making more of Goki with Tall Bob

Native SMS for Goki
Reliably and securely send your essential guest communications directly from Goki’s dashboard.

More mobile magic
Level up your communications like never before with mobile messages that are impossible to ignore.

Exceptional experiences
Create rich and immersive guest journeys with SMS and MMS that capture attention and engage.

Woman sending SMS
Woman sending SMS

Built for guest experiences

Reliable check-in experiences
Know that your guests won’t lose or misplace their room entry codes with an SMS directly to the palm of their hand.

Personalise your messages
Deliver strategic campaigns that boost revenue and repeat business from your guests for your venue.

Track and measure delivery and ROI
With Tall Bob analytics, you’ll have full transparency over your sends, so you can trust that your messages are getting through and delivering ROI.

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Want more unbeatable engagement features from Tall Bob?

Accepted formats

Send videos, GIFs, images, PDFs, audio and image slideshows.

Two-way MMS

Start a multilayered conversation with reply-enabled messages.

Content inbound long codes

Send images and videos into the platform.

Word scoring

Get an insight into how clear your message is to recipients.

Engagement flexibility

Your choice of landing page, redirects or plain MMS.

Dedicated long code

Send and receive messages from a virtual number.

Custom sender IDs

Display your brand name on the SMS for brand trust.

Opt-out links

Give your audience the option to opt out of messages.

Unicode capabilities

Send emojis and content in various languages.

Personalised link tracking

Enjoy full transparency over who’s engaging.

Character conversions

Avoid extra charges with special character removal.


Plan ahead with our robust and reliable platform.

Why Tall Bob?

Guaranteed outcomes

Our advanced solutions are thanks to countless years refining message delivery and engagement with our customers.
We’ll help you shape campaigns that meet your business objectives, boost engagement and improve ROI.

Simple integration

Save time and send on your terms when you effortlessly integrate Tall Bob’s SMS gateway and MMS gateway with your existing systems.
Our native Goki SMS integrations will streamline your mobile communication.

Unrivalled reliability

You can depend on us to deliver messages, just like you can rely on our local team for prompt support, strategic and advice.
We’re always here to make sure you deliver better every time.