Frequently Asked Questions

  • In February 2022, we updated our platform alongside our name and identity. We did this because after 10 years as VidCorp, we knew that the name and the service we offer don’t match. And, there couldn’t have been a better time to embrace the change.

  • All the solution and engagement tools we offer will continue – we’re constantly updating and improving. There’s no change to the way the platform or our APIs work – but there are changes to the addresses you’ll use to get to our website, our web application and our APIs.

  • We’ve set up re-directs for you, so there shouldn’t be any hassles. If there are any issues, send a note to support {at} tallbob.com

  • Nope, but it does mean that your saved passwords may not be carried over. If you’re anything like Bob, you’ve got your passwords securely linked up in your browser or a digital keychain – who can remember them all.

    So, when you log in after we change over from cm.vidcorp.com to app.tallbob.com, you may be asked to re-type your password. But recovering your password is easy:

  • It’s OK. All isn’t lost and we can map that account back to you. Simply, send an email to support {at} tallbob.com, with an authorised Account Owner / representative cc’ed and the team can help set it up. In some instances please bare with our identification questions and security process.

  • The team you know and trust are still there. The only change is that there are more of us around now! Since last year, we’ve grown by 57% and we’re still actively seeking more to join us. Know someone who’d thrive in SaaS? Here’s what we’re looking for.

  • On the surface, the sending platform itself hasn’t changed. Well – except for the far brighter colours. But, we’ve re-platformed it onto a more scalable and stronger foundation that gives even more stability and speed to every send. Not even Melbourne earthquakes will shake us.

  • Only for the better! Nope, we’ve not sold, we’re not listing on an exchange and there’s no changes in our corporate structure. That said, you will be seeing even more of us around as we continue to build out the best mobile messaging engagement platform the world has ever seen!

  • Sure does, and you’ve already found our website! Want to track us on socials? Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook – with more to follow. And, yes – the team will start sending from @tallbob.com – but don’t worry, we’ll re-direct anything you send to VidCorp.

  • Here’s a quick note from CEO, Ryan, to explain the change. Or, alternatively have a chat with your account manager.

  • Thankfully, nope! We’re still HyperLocal, we’re just now trading as Tall Bob not VidCorp.

    Sidenote: In case you get asked to transfer $$ into another bank account, please don’t! Our bank account has NOT changed.

  • Yep, we do. And that’s OK. We wanted to take a bit of time in the transition, and we’re keeping the door open for VidCorp for those looking for video.