That’s because in 2012, Tall Bob was born.

Unimpressed with the lack of creativity behind mobile messaging, we set out to bring an unrivalled level of personalisation and engagement to the channel. We’d seen it happen to email, social media and countless instant messaging apps. But SMS wasn’t getting much love in the way of innovation.

Until now.

We saw SMS for what it was or, rather, what it could be—the most effective messaging platform of all. So, we shifted our thinking and decided to stand out. Now, Tall Bob doesn’t rest until those we serve have access to the most superior messaging capabilities available. Because we firmly believe that one small step for us is a giant step for our clients and their ROI.

Our message to the industry? We’ll never stop innovating.

Man reading SMS message
About Tall Bob’s mission is to reimagine mobile messaging.

Somewhere along the way, SMS took a backseat to other more ‘modern’ platforms. Platforms that cashed in on emerging tech trends, all the while leaving behind the one channel with the single greatest cut-through.

But that’s why we’re here — to reimagine a hyper-efficient platform that wouldn’t just meet objectives, but far exceed expectations at an underwhelming cost. It’s mobile messaging designed to make you look good—to your colleagues, your customers, your stakeholders and your company.

Tall Bob’s innovative approach

Anyone can send a message. But not everyone can deliver the insights, interactivity and engagement required to captivate the person on the other end. Not everyone has a robust platform at their fingertips to minimise costs and maximise ROI by making messages impossible to ignore. And not everyone has access to strategic understanding forged over a decade to carefully craft campaigns, ensuring every message is read, understood and acted on.

But you could, if you call Tall Bob.

Tall Bob’s Board

Kim Williams: Chair of Tall Bob

Kim Williams


Glynn Hewitt: Board at Tall Bob

Glynn Hewitt

Non-Executive Director

Michael Ottaviano: Board at Tall Bob

Michael Ottaviano

Non-Executive Director

Ryan Berman: CEO at Tall Bob
Ryan Berman


Tall Bob’s Leadership Team

Ari Berman
Ari Berman

Commercial Director

Mary Karolyi: CFO at Tall Bob

Mary Karolyi

Chief Financial Officer

Rachael Hooper

Rachael Hooper

Head of Marketing

Michael Cheshire

Head of Sales

Aaron Guild
Aaron Guild

Head of Product

Brenton Murray: Head of Tech at Tall Bob

Brenton Murray

Head of Technology

Darren Press

Darren Press

Head of Software Platforms

Karl Deitz: Sales at Tall Bob

Karl Deitz

Head of Customer Strategy