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Sending messages without the proper insight is like shouting into the abyss—pointless. Give your communications purpose by forming the connections that matter in the moments that count. This is where our powerful analytics will give you priceless insight into your contacts, ensuring your objectives aren’t just achieved, but exceeded.

Keep your customers engaged

Create strong customer connections
Tall Bob’s journey-wide hyper-personalisation capabilities will ensure brand loyalty and customer retention always remain strong.

Capture the moment
Trigger-based communications with customised engagement tools ensure you meet customers with engaging touchpoints at every step of their lifecycle.

Make your message memorable
Our unrivalled platform innovation means customers will pay attention, thanks to captivating content functions that guide them to conversion sooner.

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Supercharge your ROI

Track the impact
Tall Bob tracks every single recipient’s behaviour—from send through to sale—to ensure future communications maximise your ROI.

Drive results with interactivity
Take those results even further by connecting messages to rich, interactive landing pages that can be fully branded and personalised in mere minutes.

Harness Tall Bob’s expertise
Our expert team brings added strategic direction to campaigns, meaning you always get the outcomes you’re after.

Access unprecedented insights

Gather valuable customer data
Collect information on your segments and translate it into powerful actionable insights that can transform your results.

Optimise your performance
Tall Bob’s in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities will help you do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Feed data back into your own CRM
Transfer those insights via webhooks to enhance your understanding of customer needs, habits and preferences.

How Tall Bob can optimise your sales and marketing

Segmented campaigns

Send the right messages to the right segment.

Loyalty on-boarding

Use welcome and explanatory videos to educate customers.

Boosted responses

Improve customer NPS and survey response rates.

Increased conversions

Craft effective cart abandonment journeys.

Re-engaged customers

Convert inactive contacts with targeted messages.

Database generation

Leverage our insights and knowledge to build customer databases.