Broadcast new products, new sales and showcase visual delights to lure your customers to buy

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Power up customer engagement, accelerate sales, and enhance your retail marketing efforts

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Visually rich MMS communication, promotions and order confirmations

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Real-time order updates, shipping notifications, and transaction confirmations

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Style your messaging to individual customer behaviours and purchase histories

Power your ecommerce business to connect in more personalized ways to drive sales & loyalty

Cart Abandonment
Send SMS & MMS love notes to abandoned carts with visual prompts, tempting them back with sweet deals.

Visually Showcase Products
MMS messages enable e-commerce businesses to showcase products with images and videos

Promotions and Discounts
Ecommerce businesses can send SMS and MMS messages to announce sales, discounts, and special offers

Personalised Marketing
SMS and MMS messages can be personalized and automated based on customer preferences and purchase history

Cart Abandonment Recovery
Ecommerce businesses can use SMS to remind customers about abandoned shopping carts, reducing cart abandonment rates

Customer Loyalty
SMS can be used to reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and special promotions, building customer loyalty and repeat business.

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