Our current opportunities

Business Development Managers

Our software is good. Like really good. And, the beauty of our solution is that the possibilities are limitless.

We’re looking for business development managers who thinks creatively about how mobile messaging can be the most fascinating thing for someone to receive, read, watch, listen or interact with. So, if you agree that mobile engagement is can be fascinating, keep on reading.

If you’re curious, you like data and creativity, plus the ability to work with a small, but brilliant team – check us out and build your career.

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API Developer

We’re looking for a rare thing – someone who loves to solve the riddle of integrating communications platforms brilliantly.

This is a unique role that needs someone who’s previously developed marketing automation integrations through their career.

The time has come to focus on making our integrations the best in the business. If you know the power of SMS and have experience in integrating SaaS or CPaaS solutions, let’s talk.

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Customer Success

Our software is cutting edge. And our tech stack is secure, scalable and innovative. Making sure it’s super straight-forward, easy to use and used to make messaging better is even more important.

Sometimes, getting going or scaling up can be overwhelming. And, that’s why we need someone to make it easy for our customers to use. We’re looking for a cracking customer success specialist who can join our team and build better ways of how mobile messaging can work and how people use our technology. Because, what’s the point of the latest phone if all you do is plain text.

Want to be part of the way mobile messaging is going to be more powerful than ever AND work with our Melbourne-based team – check us out.

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Ari Berman

Commercial Director

Mary Karolyi: CFO at Tall Bob

Mary Karolyi

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Cheshire

Head of Sales

Rachael Hooper

Head of Marketing

Aaron Guild

Head of Product

Darren Press

Head of Software Platforms

Karl Deitz: Sales at Tall Bob

Karl Deitz

Head of Integration Sales

Brenton Murray: Head of Tech at Tall Bob

Brenton Murray

Head of Technology