SMS customer support and operations

Deliver critical notifications and alerts to customers reliably and on time to ensure a smooth customer experience that supports your operational objectives.

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A trusted supporter of government and enterprise

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Utilised for reliable two-factor authentication

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No. 1 for personalised support, of any scale

Save money and provide a better service to your customers with Tall Bob’s seamless and strategic operational messaging. Our unique messaging functionality empowers you with valuable tools and insights at scale, improving customer satisfaction while reducing support costs.

Meet your customers’ needs more efficiently

Speed and reliability to the core
Offer your customers the fastest and most reliable direct-to-carrier route to make sure you meet the service requirements they’ve come to expect.

Keep the channels open
Have two-way conversations with your customers to ensure business objectives are met seamlessly and negative experiences are avoided.

Make it personal
Use Tall Bob’s powerful personalisation to create attentive and individualised experiences, leading to better overall customer satisfaction.

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Reduce time and effort for quality support outcomes

Automate the process
Set up auto responses and alerts so your customers receive an immediate response no matter the time of day.

Streamline customer support
Through seamless integration, you can leverage workflows, data and insights into other platforms to create a connected service experience.

Take the pressure off call centres
Tall Bob reduces your dependency on high-cost support channels by automating hyper-personalised messages that maintain a high standard of customer experience.

Boost your reputation with our reliable platform

Access premium global routes
With Tall Bob’s reliable routes, you can send any number of messages around the world with absolute certainty.

Send with confidence
Rest easy knowing your messages will be delivered when it matters most, thanks to our failover routing.

More functionality and insights
Expect this same reliability from our landing pages and engagement tools, which provide seamless experiences and insights at any given time.

Why Tall Bob?

Guaranteed outcomes

Our advanced platform is a product of countless years refining message delivery and engagement. Rest assured, our capabilities will shape campaigns that meet your business objectives, boost engagement and improve ROI.

Simple integration

Don’t waste time juggling different platforms. Effortlessly integrate Tall Bob’s SMS gateway and MMS gateway with any of your existing systems. Our simple SMS APIs and webhooks are powerful and will streamline your mobile communication.

Unrivalled reliability

You can depend on our system to deliver messages, just like you can rely on our local team for prompt support, strategic and implementation advice. We’re always here to ensure effective messages get through, rain, hail or shine.