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Reliably send bulk SMS marketing and important notifications instantly and globally via our online web portal or via our secure APIs.

Why SMS Messages?

Send to everyone, connect personally

Scale reliably
Send messages at lightning speed through our Tier 1 network. With our in-built failover routes, you can be confident your messages will get to your recipient, rain, hail or shine.

Scale globally
Our SMS gateway empowers you to connect to mobile phones in over 180 countries. Plus, our global knowledge and expertise in compliance will keep you protected.

Scale with personalisation
Considering 75% of millennials prefer texting to calling, and 70% of consumers prefer SMS as a contact method, you have the power to make your customers feel special when using Tall Bob to deliver hyper-personalised messages.

An effortlessly efficient platform

Draft, build and send directly from your browser or via our simple API
With Tall Bob, the power is always in your hands. Design messages, build campaigns and deliver them to segments in minutes. Then, save the process as a reusable template.

Save hassle with simple integration
No matter what your MarTech stack looks like, Tall Bob can seamlessly integrate with your existing apps to ensure a connected ecosystem.

Create trigger-based journeys
Make SMS an integral part of your customer journey by establishing triggers and automatic responses that keep the conversation going.

Powerful behaviour insights that maximise engagement

Access real-time insights
Tall Bob can tell you who’s interacted with your SMS and when, giving you insight into the best times to contact each segment, ensuring you always maximise engagement.

Sync analytics with other platforms
Feed important data, such as click-through rates and interactions, back into one or multiple platforms via our simple and scalable webhooks.

Improve your ROI
Our service doesn’t end when you hit send. Instead, Tall Bob uses segmentation analysis to see if you’re engaging the right people at the right time, maximising your ROI.

Unbeatable SMS functionality

Email to SMS

Effortlessly send text messages from your email application.

Two-way SMS

Start a conversation with reply-enabled messages.

Word scoring

Get an insight into how clear your message is to recipients.

Engagement flexibility

Your choice of landing page, redirects or plain SMS.

Dedicated long codes

Send and receive messages from a virtual number.

Custom sender IDs

Display your brand name on the SMS for brand trust.

Opt-out links

Give your audience the option to opt out of messages.

Unicode capabilities

Send emojis and SMSs in various languages.

Personalised link tracking

Enjoy full transparency over who’s engaging.

Character conversions

Avoid extra charges with special character removal.

Spread sending

Pre-set or stagger your send over time.

Delivery status updates

Stay informed on the status of your messages.

Lead generation landing page
Draft templates

Save time with the ability to create templates and drafts.


Schedule messages in different states, provinces and countries.

Complete personalisation

Host 1-1 personalised conversations at scale.

Unrivalled transparency at an unbeatable price.

Post-pay pricing options

Volume discounts or
committed use pricing

No hidden costs or fees

Why Tall Bob?

Guaranteed outcomes

Our advanced platform is a product of countless years refining message delivery and engagement. Rest assured, our capabilities will shape campaigns that meet your business objectives, boost engagement and improve ROI.

Simple integration

Don’t waste time juggling different platforms. Effortlessly integrate Tall Bob’s SMS gateway and MMS gateway with any of your existing systems. Our simple SMS APIs and webhooks are powerful and will streamline your mobile communication.

Unrivalled reliability

You can depend on our system to deliver messages, just like you can rely on our local team for prompt support, strategic and implementation advice. We’re always here to ensure effective messages get through, rain, hail or shine.