Generate higher quality reviews that demonstrate your customer commitment

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Power your online reputation with sparkling customer reviews

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Accumulate customer reviews immediately after service delivery or transaction

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Send MMS surveys for better and more engaging experiences

In the moment and easy to respond to customer survey and reviews from the palm of your customer’s hand.

Higher Response Rates
Achieve higher response rates with SMS reviews requests.

Timely Feedback
Gather customer reviews immediately after a transaction or interaction, while your experience is still fresh.

Real-Time Insights
Receive feedback in real-time, allows businesses to identify and address issues promptly.

Improved Customer Engagement
Engaging with customers through SMS and MMS surveys shows that you value their opinion.

Customised Questions
Tailor survey questions to gather specific insights and information relevant to your business or industry.

Enhanced Reputation Management
Use positive reviews gathered through SMS to bolster your online reputation and address negative feedback promptly.

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