Engage your customers on new cars, service reminders and gather feedback about your service levels.

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Personalised SMS & MMS promotion of new vehicles & test drive opportunities

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Reduce appointment ‘no shows’ with SMS reminders

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Reward your customers with customer loyalty promotions

Immediate, personal messaging with beautiful images to drive desire and accelerate sales

Test Drive Invitations
Invite potential buyers to test drive vehicles with SMS invitations, and use MMS to showcase vehicle features and visuals.

Promotions and Specials
Use SMS and MMS to announce promotions, discounts, and special offers for vehicle sales, parts, and services, driving customer interest and sales.

Service Updates
Provide real-time SMS notifications to customers regarding the status of their vehicle service or repair, enhancing revenue, transparency and trust.

Feedback and Surveys
Gather customer feedback and satisfaction data through SMS surveys, helping automotive businesses improve their services and operations.

Appointment Reminders
Send SMS reminders to customers about upcoming service appointments, reducing no-shows and optimising service schedules.

Emergency Recalls
Use SMS to quickly notify customers of vehicle recalls or safety issues, ensuring prompt action and demonstrating commitment to safety.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely – we work with retailers, ecommerce, real estate and more. And, we work with use cases for healthcare for bookings, appointments and more. That’s why we know more about using SMS and MMS – because we see the bigger picture in automotive.

  • If you can think of a reason to streamline communications and campaigning, an SMS can probably help. See the many use cases we’ve seen that can help across the entire customer experience.

  • Great communication, followup and post-purchase connection can see your customer coming back again and again. From booking confirmation, directions and many other use cases, mobile messaging is easy and it converts.

  • We sure do, and we’re always building more, although you may not know we’re the power behind some of your favourite tech. Reach out to the team to see what we can connect you to.