SMS for Car Sales: Drive your sales up with SMS

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Our customer is one of the largest car dealerships in Australia. In car sales, the brand is one thing; the dealership experience is key. And what’s more personal than SMS.

The challenge

The car dealership has a solid and large database of customers that they want to get excited about a ‘buying frenzy’ – in-person events are a winning marketing strategy, and this dealership knew it could convert at 33% to 50%. Want to know how to build a great SMS database? It’s easy.

Additionally, to get customers eager about this ‘buying frenzy,’ the car dealership needed to complement existing brand advertising with lead generation for existing customers and prospects and drive dealership footfall for their significant sales event. That’s when the car dealership turned to Tall Bob for SMS to boost sales. Together the car dealership and Tall Bob set out two core objectives.

Auto Core Objectives

Use SMS to build a list of highly engaged and ready-to-buy customers

  • By tapping into their large and already engaged customers, Tall Bob designed a campaign that draws out the highest qualified leads with a highly trackable and engaging mobile journey.
  • This included details about the sales events, options to discover more with videos of the car, and options to meet with a consultant.

Drive footfall to dealerships

  • The car dealership could use the engagement tracking tools to book in customers who expressed interest and call customers who demonstrated strong engagement.

Here’s how we changed the experience

Customers received a personally addressed SMS sent from a car dealership sender ID. The car dealership personalised the overall customer experience with an SMS containing an individually tracked URL for a mobile landing page that included the following:

  • A branded video (with view metrics)
  • Details for the sales event
  • A call to action to book time with a consultant

Further, the car dealership could now check all engagement in real-time to see who was engaging, how many videos people viewed and what customers were ready for a sale. All thanks to SMS.

The results? More car sales and great SMS engagement.

By using SMS for car sales lead generation saw an impressive increase of:

  • 140% uplift in new car sales
  • Unique Impressions – 11%
  • Unique Videos Viewed – 16% of unique impressions
  • Personalised Leads generated – 4% of unique impressions
  • Non-Personalised Leads generated – 2.3% of unique impressions

So, what’s next?

We’ve been working with car dealerships across Australia for years, and we know what works. We’d love to look at what you want to achieve and help build a mobile engagement strategy that’s right for you.

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