Leverage mobile messaging to reach more people & efficiently expand your fundraising efforts

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Create positive emotional connections with potential sponsors and donors with promotional and two-way powerful, content-rich messaging

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Boost your SMS and MMS open rates and conversion rates

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Build your understanding of different segments with engagement statistics and behavioural insights

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Be better prepared to communicate effectively with your community in emergency situations, where fast, clear and well-coordinated communication is paramount

Leverage Tall Bob’s SMS and MMS capabilities to effectively communicate with donors, volunteers, and the community, to amplify and fulfil your not-for-profit mission, raise necessary funds, and enrich both the understanding and impact of your cause.

Fundraising Campaigns
Send SMS messages to donors and supporters to request donations, provide updates on fundraising progress, and share success stories via MMS.

Event Promotion
Promote charity events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns through SMS invitations and MMS visuals highlighting event details.

Donor Appreciation
Express gratitude to donors through personalized SMS messages or MMS content showcasing the impact of their contributions.

Volunteer Recruitment
Reach out to potential volunteers via SMS, inviting them to join your cause and participate in volunteer activities.

Emergency Alerts
Use SMS to inform your community about urgent situations, disaster relief efforts, or safety measures.

Advocacy Initiatives
Mobilize supporters to take action on key issues by sending SMS alerts with calls to action and relevant MMS resources.

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