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Use MMS like never before

We’re all used to snapping a quick photo or video and shooting through an MMS to a friend. Easy right?

But what about how to use MMS to make more out of every customer interaction?

It’s about thinking beyond the single image photo – and building seamless mobile magic!

Back to basics: How MMS works

MMS, or multimedia messaging service is exactly that: it’s a messaging service to deliver media – and multiple varieties of that! While it’s pretty common to see MMS with a photo or a meme, the possibilities are literally endless. And with changes to how MMS can be sent from businesses to their customers, it’s easier, more adaptive and economical than ever.

An ecosystem and jigsaw of connection

What’s changed in MMS lately?

MMS has been around for about 20 years, but as a marketing or communication channel, there were limitations in the past such as:

  • Deliverability
  • Cost
  • File size
  • Trackability
  • File restrictions

Here’s the great news: things are changing with MMS and it’s more flexible and cost-effective than ever.

How to use MMS differently

Let’s start with the easy ones – sending images or a quick voice memo.

These are easy and most of us are used to that. But, when you think about the other types of files we can send via email, it’s incredible to think how much more power the humble MMS has packed into it.

What file types can I send?

The great thing about what’s changed in MMS is that you can send more file types than ever.

Basically – it’s about as much up to your imagination (and 1.2mb) to deliver!

Image files

You can send most image-based formats, but we recommend sticking with the standards:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIFs

Video and audio files

Images are great, and with the advance of technology in our phones, sending audio and video is easier than ever. And, your customers and clients are used to receiving them.

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • WAV

Contact files

Imagine the convenience of sending all your contact details by MMS for your client to download to their Contacts list immediately. They’d have your name, business, address, map, email, website and logo – all conveniently and accurately saved to their phone!

They’re called V-Cards or VCF files – and it’s a simple way to build a lasting relationship with a client. That means no ignored, unknown messages (or calls!) – your client will know who’s calling or texting and when.

Calendar files

Time is money – and missed appointments are like money walking out the door. And there’s nothing worse for a client than missing an appointment when you could be servicing someone else.

Document files

Want to know more about file formats? Check out our comprehensive breakdown on how to create file formats for mobile (coming soon).

Using inbound and outbound MMS

Now that we know the different file types you can send, now’s it’s thinking about the different ways to use them,

Think about:

  • Inbouncd MMS or inbound messaging of faults and repairs
  • Outbound messaging for delivery confirmation
  • Two-way troubleshooting

When you think about it, how much context and confusion can be solved with a quick photo, video or audio exchange.

What about my customers?

This where we see the most powerful use of MMS for inbound communications and 1:1 communications. Sometimes, an image or a recording can explain so much more that just words.

Here are some ways we’ve seen 1:1 MMS work brilliantly.

Troubleshooting MMS with leaking tap

Troubleshooting and repairs

Ask your customers to send a photo of an error screen or an video to describe what’s not working.

Visual Assessment_MMS

Visual assessments

Especially for in-home care and people with limited mobility; patients and clients can take a photo of medication or surroundings.

Confirmations MMS


When you need a confirmation from a customer, it’s easy for a client to take a quick pic to shoot it over to you. And, when you connect with webhooks, you can configure straight into your core systems.

Quick Quotes

Quick quotes

Take the guesswork away from quoting over the phone, when you can see what you’re dealing with. From a car repair to a cake design, it’s better said with images.

Ready to start using MMS?

We’re Australia’s leading MMS provider and we support MMS using our customer engagement platform, dedicated MMS APIs and integrations into some of the leading customer systems in the world.

So when you’re ready – so are we.

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