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More value for your clients

Your software delivers the best possible solutions and outcomes for your clients. You know what they need. We can help by embedding dedicated SMS and MMS solutions for your software that is built for business and created with your outcomes in mind. Tall Bob will connect your systems to our advanced SMS, MMS and mobile engagement solutions so you can provide better functionality – from your own platform.

Better metrics. Better results.

That’s a better bottom line.

Solidify your software with SMS

Boost your monthly recurring revenue
Give your customers and clients more reasons to send SMS and MMS as part of their communications flows. And that’s more revenue for you.

Lower churn
With all their communications channels and interactions in an all-in-one service, your clients won’t need to look anywhere else for SMS software in their tech stack.

Onboard faster
Get started with robust and reliable APIs, webhooks, proven integrations and a tech team that knows how to embed SMS with software providers. We can get you and your customers hooked up faster.

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Scale up SMS software with ease

Build new lines of communication
Our SMS and MMS gateway is directly connected to the networks, so we can help you deliver more reliably for your clients.

Expertise and education
You’ll have access to decades of mobile messaging expertise and collateral that you can share our SMS smarts with your software.

Integrate more than just messaging
Some just send. We help you deliver more with engagement, reporting, analytics and more. It’s SMS software without the hard work.

How Tall Bob can accelerate your software

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Directly connected

To Australia’s leading telcos and aggregators

Expertise and engagement

Our team of experts will partner with you to build revenue

Specialist local support

Our APAC-based team is experienced and available to your teams

Education and compliance

Our team can support your team and customers with white label collateral

Customised billing

We work with you to build billing solutions on your terms

Shared product development

Our collaborative approach builds the solutions that you need

Want to get started with SMS for software?

Why Tall Bob?

Outcomes delivered

Our solutions are the product of countless years of refining message delivery and engagement. Tap into our expertise to exceed your business objectives, boost engagement and improve ROI.

Simple integration

Connect so that your customers don’t need to juggle different platforms. Effortlessly integrate Tall Bob’s simple and powerful SMS APIs and webhooks to streamline your client’s mobile journeys.

Unrivalled reliability

You can depend on us to deliver messages every time, just like you can rely on our local team for prompt support, strategic and implementation advice. We’re always here to ensure your messages get through, and deliver.