Announce new products, sales and automate your marketing to entice your customers to buy time and time again

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Improve customer engagement, boost sales, and enhance your retail marketing efforts

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Enable real time customer communication, promotions and order confirmations

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Dazzle with discounts and special offers to drive traffic to your physical stores or ecommerce websites

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Tailor messages to individual customer preferences and purchase histories, increasing the relevance of your messaging and your customer’s experiences and journeys

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Immediate, personal messaging with beautiful product images to create desire and optimise sales

Cart Abandonment Cupid
Send SMS & MMS love notes to abandoned carts with visual prompts, tempting them back with sweet deals.

Birthday Offers
Deliver personalised SMS birthday offers and MMS gift ideas that’ll positively impact their special day.

Showcase New Products
Announce the arrival of new products in visual splendour with SMS & MMS notifications.

Review Rendezvous
Request product reviews through SMS, add a sprinkle of charm, and toss in MMS snapshots of their favourite purchases.

Flash Sale Frenzy
Whip up retail magic with rich-content SMS & MMS alerts and teasers for your spontaneous flash sales, that’ll have customers clicking like lightning!

Loyalty Lounge
Elevate your loyalty program with SMS perks and MMS VIP access that makes your customers feel like retail royalty.

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