Immediately share pick up information, including location and pick-up time

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Send instant SMS reminders of scheduled pick up time

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Enhance your order pickup experience, with contactless pickup procedures

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Send personalised special offers and related products to customers to increase sales revenue

Immediate, personal messaging that keeps your customers up to date and your operations running smoothly

Order Confirmation
Send SMS notifications to customers immediately after they place an order, confirming the details of their purchase and pickup location.

Pickup Reminders
Send SMS reminders to customers shortly before their scheduled pickup time, reducing the risk of missed pickups.

Promotional Messages
Utilize SMS and MMS to promote special offers, upsells, or related products.

Real-Time Updates
Provide real-time updates on the status of orders and any delays through SMS, keeping customers informed.

Contactless Pickup Instructions
Share SMS instructions for contactless pickup procedures, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for customers and staff.

Feedback Collection
Gather feedback from customers through SMS surveys after their Click & Collect experience.

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