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Utilised by global teams of up to 100,000 staff

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Used for emergency and crisis management in times of need

Workforces are more geographically fractured than ever, which means modern workplaces require reliable internal channels of communication that can deliver roster requests, announcements, alerts, safety briefings and more. Tall Bob keeps you together even when you’re apart by also providing a real-time overview of who received, opened and engaged with your messages, giving you unprecedented transparency over your internal communications.

Maximise staff engagement through instant connectivity

Connect a remote team
Tall Bob gives you the ability to unite your workplace by communicating with your staff via their most readily available channel.

Send personalised messages
Engage your team with video content via SMS and reciprocal messaging that creates two-way communication channels.

Strengthen company culture
Keep your team together even when they’re apart by connecting remote staff with SMS and strengthening company culture.

Manage operations at scale with ease

Coordinate rosters and events
Integrated mass messaging gives you the power to communicate things like roster availabilities and changes to internal teams at scale.

Communicate product information
Ensure everyone is informed about new products, training and protocols with video and question and answer capabilities.

Share leadership messages
Integrate with payroll platforms and engage staff from the top down by broadcasting leadership memos and announcements to thousands in seconds.

Ensure and maintain full compliance at all times

Ensure emergency alerts are heard
Keep your staff and customers safe with reliable safety notices and alerts that can be monitored with robust audit trails.

Handle crisis communication
Minimise damage with effective crisis communication templates that can be triggered, ensuring staff and customers are protected.

Empower your staff with confidence
Establish an effective communication channel that empowers staff to voice issues and participate in anonymous whistleblowing safely.

How Tall Bob can optimise internal communications

Staff rostering

Keep your staff informed regarding roster updates and changes.

Staff onboarding

Integrate new team members with ease.

Crisis management

Minimise damage by preparing staff and protecting customers.

Leadership communications

Broadcast messages from the leadership team.

Training and education

Disseminate valuable product and protocol information.

COVID-19 information

Issue real-time COVID-19 advice as it happens.

Internal surveys

Gauge staff sentiment, feedback and ideas easily.

Visual merchandising updates

Communicate store changes and directives.

Anonymous whistleblowing

Empower staff with the assurance of anonymity.

Why Tall Bob?

Guaranteed outcomes

Our advanced platform is a product of countless years refining message delivery and engagement. Rest assured, our capabilities will shape campaigns that meet your business objectives, boost engagement and improve ROI.

Simple integration

Don’t waste time juggling different platforms. Effortlessly integrate Tall Bob’s SMS gateway and MMS gateway with any of your existing systems. Our simple SMS APIs and webhooks are powerful and will streamline your mobile communication.

Unrivalled reliability

You can depend on our system to deliver messages, just like you can rely on our local team for prompt support, strategic and implementation advice. We’re always here to ensure effective messages get through, rain, hail or shine.