Finding the Fun in Fundraising

CASE STUDY: Finding the fun in fundraising SMS



We’ve all seen piles of extraordinary food after an event, thinking it’s a waste. What if fundraising SMS messaging could help?

Our customer set out with a singular mission: to ‘Nourish our Country’ by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to charities that help feed people in need.

And they’re now one of Australia’s leading food rescue organisations, working with food companies, catering and supermarkets to put food on the table for all.


The challenge: Fundraising SMS

Our customer needed to raise $2M at their flagship fundraising event – and the traditional EDM approach wasn’t cutting through. Bring in SMS.

The food rescue organisation needed a direct and personal message with the room’s influential and senior community and business leaders. And, they needed to know the pulse of their audience. That’s why Tall Bob and the food rescue organisation set two core objectives.



Raise $2M


  • We started on a three-week campaign with the fundraiser organisation to complement their existing direct comms.


Received valuable insights from their audience


  • We worked with them on fundraising SMS to provide engagement tracking to a core customer segment that took them beyond vanity statistics and basic click-throughs to reach donors and business leaders in a more direct way to:


  1. Engage with mobile landing pages
  2. Receive feedback from individuals and segments
  3. Provide real-time metrics in an easy dashboard
  4. Constantly improve for better results


Here’s how we changed the fundraising experience with SMS

By working with the food rescue organisation, Tall Bob met the objectives that needed to be met and created:


  • A more highly read SMS campaign that reached 94% of the audience vs email’s average of 24%; and
  • Real-time analytics when they could see results like 11% of people opening and interacting in 9 minutes vs 2-3 hours for email; and
  • Mobile landing pages that saw CTAs such as donate and ‘about us’ up by a minimum of 24%; and
  • Short surveys that delivered insights improve their fundraising efforts; and
  • Personalised video and auto-replies



So, what’s next?


Above all, we helped them achieve their goals. And we love working with fundraiser organisations across Australia and know what works. We’d love to see what you want to achieve and help build a mobile engagement strategy that’s right for you.



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