Full-Stack PHP Developer

Our software is good. Like really good. And, the beauty of our solution is that the growth opportunities are limitless. We’re looking for a full stack developer who can think creatively about how mobile messaging can work. Tall Bob’s purpose is to make every SMS ping and buzz the most fascinating thing for someone to receive, read, watch, listen and/or interact with.

This is a Full Stack PHP Developer position, and you’ll need a minimum of 3 years proven experience.

Like our name, we want to stand out…stand tall, and do things differently. You will need to be innovative in your thinking, highly driven, have an excellent work ethic and be a team player.

What you’ll be doing

Your role will focus on building one of the smartest, high volume messaging and engagement platforms.

You’ll be part of a close-knit, highly experienced team, working on AWS, with Laravel and React in an Agile environment, using Atlassian (Jira and Confluence) for project management and documentation.

About us

We believe the ‘ping’ of an SMS should spark joy. So we’ve been sparking that joy for over 10 years and creating more engaging mobile messaging through interactive SMS, powerful MMS so that our customers can create, connect and convert.

Some services tell tall tales about the number of SMS messages they send and how effective their service is. But Tall Bob isn’t satisfied with simply sending messages, which is why our robust platform delivers more functionality, more creativity and more insight with every message.

Our team at Tall Bob don’t like to be one of the pack. So, if you’re someone who wants to create mobile experiences that connect and convert, we may be a good match.

It’s why we say Some send. We deliver.