Senior Front End Developer

Our software is good. Like really good. And, there are SOOOO many ways you can use it. But we need a Senior Front End Developer.

But, our ideas are so huge, we need someone to make it easy for our customers to use it. That’s what we’re looking for a front-end developer who thinks creatively about how mobile messaging can work and how people use our technology. Because, what’s the point of the latest phone if all you do is plain text. There are emojis, GIFs, scratchies, surveys, video …. so much to make every mobile message ping and buzz the most fascinating thing for someone to receive, read, watch, listen or interact with (yep, you can do that with SMS).

Like our name, we want to stand out…stand tall, and do things differently. You will need to be innovative in your thinking, highly driven, have an excellent work ethic and be a team player.

Some services tell tall tales about the number of SMS messages they send and how effective their service is. But Tall Bob isn’t satisfied with simply sending messages, which is why our robust platform delivers more functionality, more creativity and more insight with every message.

If you were here last month, you would have:
  • Worked on the complete re-skin of our user interface for our new brand identity
  • Created more customer-centric ways to create our engaging mobile experiences
  • Worked with our Head of Product on the roadmap of customer improvements
  • Consulted with our sales team on what our customers are telling us
  • Recommended new brand elements with our marketing team

It’s why we say, Some send. We deliver.

So, if you’re a Senior Front End Developer, talk to us about how you’re going to be part of and deliver Australia’s most innovative and engaging mobile messaging solution.