Managing webhooks

Webhooks provide a way for Tall Bob to communicate to your application or service about certain events as they occur. You can configure and test webhooks using the Webhooks settings page in your account.

To add new Webhooks; visit our Managing Webhooks support.

To learn more about webhook formats, see our data format for webhooks support article.

Event Types

Webhooks can be triggered by various events which happen on the Tall Bob platform. There are several types of events that can be configured to send you data to your webhook URL:

Event Type Description
message_polling Message was processed and is ready to send
message_pushed Message was sent
message_delivered Message was successfully delivered
message_delivery_error Delivery failed – message was not delivered
message_received A response to your message was received from someone
message_received_mms An inbound MMS message was received from someone
message_opened An email message was opened by its recipient
impression “Landing Page” was viewed (these are from links in the sent message)
unsubscribe Contact opted out of future campaigns
unsubscribe_track Contact clicked on unsubscribe link
clicktrack Contact clicked on a link (not an unsubscribe link)
form_submission Form was submitted (on a Landing Page)
video_play Video was played (on a Landing Page)
video_complete Video was watched right to the end
scratchie_initiated “Scratchie” has been rendered (on a Landing Page)
scratchie_interact Contact interacted with the Scratchie

Try our troubleshooting guide if you are having any problems during testing.