Meet Tall Bob

Meet Tall Bob. Your mobile engagement advisor

Thirty years ago, the first SMS was sent by Neil Papworth.

Fast-forward 28 years to 2020. An incredible 3.5 trillion messages were sent from businesses to people.
2020 SMS Stats
Hear from CEO Ryan about our change.

Yep. We like our data. We love our messages and we can’t be without our mobiles.

I’ve been working in mobile engagement for two decades now. In 2012, I started VidCorp and today, I’m proud of the tech we have developed and our team. Over the years, mobile tech has seen remarkable changes. Think back to playing Snake on an unbreakable Nokia, those clunky clamshell MotoRazrs and horizontal Blackberries. These days, the iPhone in my pocket runs my entire life, so much so I don’t know what I’d do without it. Mobile phones these days are an extension of us and an essential tool for business and our daily lives.

Mobile engagement has never been more critical than it is today in 2022.

Our reliance on our mobiles is stronger than ever. We began by typing out characters on keypads, and now we’re asking A.I robots to schedule appointments and read out the surfing forecast. Mobile phones are the most used tech around the world, and we are consistently introducing new ways of doing things when fresh new programs are developed.

In the early days of basic SMS, our team knew that “texting” had the potential to be impactful. It was always more than just 160 characters to us. It wasn’t just a one-way batch-and-blast. It was a form of reaching millions of people in a fast and effective way. We believe that mobile messaging could and should be visual, tangible and more engaging as mobile phones evolve. So, that’s our core focus.

We help our customers build more powerful and engaging interactions via SMS and MMS. We help them use videos, scratchies, surveys, forms, and much more to enhance the humble SMS. It’s far more than a ‘simple’ message. And, it’s using the tools you like best: our platform, our simple and secure APIs or integrations to the software you use everyday.

At VidCorp we curated and bought leading software like ThirdScreen – Australia’s largest wholesale MMS solution to provide the best solutions in the market and partnered with hundreds of customers to build creative campaigns that drove results.

Our customers can now use unprecedented data to help create, connect and convert communications using the tech that’s literally in the palm of our hands.

Last year, we did some self-reflection as a company. We asked an obvious question – if we believe in mobile engagement so much, why are we called VidCorp? And, many of our customers and clients (rightly!) asked the same question – why do you sound like a video production company 🤷.

We likened our company name to clinging onto a Nokia with the frayed cord that barely charges. Holding onto the past is never good in the tech world. So we’ve decided that changing our name to reflect our modern approach is the best way forward!

We’ve taken the best of everything we offer, everything we stand for and refreshed our entire brand identity to better match our goals.

Meet Tall Bob.

The ping of an SMS or an MMS on your phone should be exciting and engaging. It should make a statement and create an action. And everyone can rely on Bob.

At Tall Bob we don’t just send. We deliver.

Better messaging, engagement, creation tools, conversion statistics, analytics and consultation. We help you to deliver the best outcomes for your business.

While our name is changing and our look has been restyled, our team and the tech you rely on remain the same. We’re growing the business and capabilities rapidly and can’t wait to show you our progress throughout 2022.

I could discuss the ‘whys’ for our new brand at length, but let me just say this: we’re here to stand out. We aim to be head and shoulders above standard SMS providers. We will stand tall. So, when you want your message read, Tall Bob’s your trusted advisor and platform.

The team and I hope you like the new website, look and attitude as much as we do.

If you know someone who would thrive with us, check out our opportunities.



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