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Essential Insights for SMS Marketing in 2022

A mobile phone is a companion that’s always there, whether you drive to work, sit in the office, or head home after a long day. SMS marketing lets you connect directly with your customers so you can provide them with timely and relevant information about special offers, events, and news. In other words, things that matter most to your potential buyers. Not only will you attract new customers and help people stick with you through special promotions but when you create campaigns that make people feel special because they’re part of your universe, they’re more likely to be loyal.

With the right mix of data, creativity, and marketing muscle you can make SMS marketing your secret weapon. Here are a few SMS marketing facts to know as you prepare your strategic plan moving in 2022.

How SMS marketing is the unsung hero for brands

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for engaging your customers. It’s immediate, it’s in the palm of the hand and glancing at your message is so natural. You can use it to re-activate your inactive customers, remind them about upcoming sales or events, send them useful information, or simply thank them for their business.

The benefits of SMS marketing for small businesses include:

  • Affordability: it’s cheaper than email or social media
  • Ability to reach a wide audience: 91% of people have mobile phones
  • Easily accessible data: sends and engagement is trackable and measurable
  • Personalisation: create an informal and personal way to communicate with customers

Did you know?

With an open rate of 98 percent, SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available. And 86.1 percent of recipients open SMS messages within 30 minutes of receipt and 85 percent of them will read a text message within three minutes of receiving it.

That’s a cut-through to spark joy in every marketer’s heart.

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SMS Marketing in Australia

We’ve put together some great SMS marketing facts that will prove why delivering to the palm of your customer’s hand is the way to get your message read (or heard!) give you an idea of what kind of market you’re dealing with:

Infographic on mobile phone usage

ROI Showdown

SMS vs. Email Marketing

The SMS open rate in Australia is 94 percent, and 78 percent read every SMS. That’s an incredible rate when you compare the average Australian open rate for email of only 34 percent. So, if you’re sending a marketing message to your customer base, this stat alone should make you stop, take a moment, and ask what SMS could do to compliment your strategy. When you think about how the average person checks their phone 150 times a day (guilty!), sending a text message is a sure-fire way of getting the attention of your customer base.

Cutting through the clutter

Even the most fastidious ‘mail-free inbox’ can be a haven for clutter — both personal and professional. Not surprising when many of us send and receive over 100 emails every day.

So where does this leave your carefully crafted emails? Well, chances are they’re getting lost amongst all this clutter — or even worse, being marked as spam. In fact, an alarming percentage of emails (around 50 percent) are sent directly to spam folders before they even have a chance to be read.

Better still, you can use a combination of SMS, MMS and other engagement tools, right away, without searching through different files and folders.

SMS vs. Social Media Marketing

Engaging your customers

Improve your ROI using SMS with Tall Bob

With SMS marketing, you can provide valuable information about relevant products, communicate more effectively with your customers, and improve your brand awareness. 

Segmentation analysis at your fingertips

There seems to be no limit to the number of businesses tapping into this powerful medium. With segmentation analysis at the core of Tall Bob’s software, you can run test messages to different demographics. Create messaging that is tailored to the needs of your audience.

Communicate with your customers, wherever they are

Tall Bob provides an effective solution to develop marketing campaigns designed for your customers’ mobile phones around the world. Our gateway empowers you to connect to mobile phones in over 180 countries. Plus, our global knowledge and expertise in compliance will keep you protected.

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