Tall Bob August Updates

Tall Bob’s August 2022 Update

Like us, you’re probably looking around wondering where the first six months have gone!


It’s been a busy few months at Tall Bob – and we wanted to check in with you because we suspect it’s been a busy time for you too.

Are you ready?

We’ve heard from a number of our customers and clients that “mobile-first” is part of their strategies for FY23, and that’s no surprise to us. When we talk mobile-first, we are thinking more than just the 160 characters on your phone – we can help you with your customer journeys to make mobile a natural part of your brand experience.

Changes to app.tallbob.com

The ping of an SMS or an MMS on your phone should be exciting and engaging. It should make a statement and create an action. And everyone can rely on Bob.

That’s why the tech team has been busy creating better mobile experiences. Here’s a bit of what we’ve done.


A supercharged analytics engine


Image of the Tall Bob dashboard with a magnifying glass

We talk a lot about data and analytics, but we felt that the engine was more of a Trabant than Tesla.

So, we boosted it with backbone with a more adaptable and elastic solution that brought 80 data points into 5 core reports that provide deeper customer engagement and behaviour insights.



Making MMS more magical


Tall Bob MMS Builder screen with a sample MMS being created

And, when we knew that the cost per MMS was coming down (talk to the team) and deeper links into networks, it was time to improve our MMS capability.

If it’s been a while since you messaged with MMS, move a message our way and we’ll give you a hand.



Connecting more contacts


Tall Bob Manage Contacts example screen

Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t get better. And, thanks to feedback, we’ve taken the opportunity to overhaul our contacts management.


What this means for you is that:

  • Contacts are more searchable
  • Uploads are available in formats, including CSV, Excel, Numbers and Sheets
  • Number validation
  • Easier grouping and group membership


Want a hand?

Whether it’s a change of tech stack, an idea on a new campaign or you’ve been trying to fix that buggy customer contact problem, we’re here to help. Simply reach out to your account manager, or drop us a note.



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