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6 Ways To Make Your Data Pop with SMS Analytics

From attribution to data collection insights, revenue measurement and more. We’ve got your mobile engagement and SMS analytics covered in ways that no one else does. 

When it comes to measuring SMS performance, the numbers are everything. They give you a digital treasure map that helps you understand your customer journey: what worked, what didn’t and how to keep track of it all. At Tall Bob, we know there’s gold to be mined when you have your reporting to hand. That’s why we have all your data analytics needs covered. 

Here are 6 ways you can harness the power of our reporting and SMS text analytics tools, to see what’s going on with your SMS campaigns.

1. Boost SMS engagement with customer segmentation

The key to successful customer segmentation is detailed data that you can slice and dice. By dividing your audiences into groups based on common characteristics, you can engage each group with messages tailored to their needs. The more relevant you can make your messages, the more personal and relatable you are and the more likely they are to engage with your brand. The cleaner the customer segments you can develop, the better. 

In fact, when you continually test, review and challenge your results, you can add even more data about your customers – when they like to receive messages and the engagements they interact with. This basic data can be analysed for amazing insights.

2. Harness Tall Bob’s expertise

From driving traffic through to generating sales, our expert team has got you covered. We can help you get the best results from your SMS messaging campaigns, to boost your customer engagement, conversions and sales. At Tall Bob, we’re constantly testing and refining our SMS delivery system, as well as providing strategic support which means you always get the outcomes you’re after.

We can help with best practices, new engagement tools and new ways to think about your data – and create links for a great omnichannel experience.

3. Integrate your SMS analytics with other platforms easily

It’s easy to integrate with Tall Bob’s all-in-one service. Whether it’s a simple webhook, API or seamlessly merging into your existing tech stack to send data to another platform. Or feeding important data, such as click-through rates and interactions, back into one or multiple platforms, via our simple and scalable webhooks. Enhance your understanding of customer needs, habits and preferences. 

4. Gather valuable customer data to drive powerful insights

SMS can be a powerful marketing channel to engage your customers at every stage of their journey. Nevertheless equally important to analyse your SMS marketing data to understand which messages are resonating, and which require more work.

With Tall Bob, you can collect information on your segments and translate it into powerful actionable insights that can transform your SMS performance. How? By giving you the visibility to monitor how customers are engaging with your brand. These insights can help you understand what’s working and what might need refining. Similarly timing of your messages or even the content within individual texts.

Want to see our SMS platform in action? Discover how we can capture your customers’ attention and use behavioural insights to grow your sales. 

5. Develop and leverage your customer database

Building a customer database can be a treasure trove for your business. It provides invaluable information about your customers and their wants, needs, and purchasing behaviours. It’s a snapshot of what they’ve shared with you in the past. Your predictor of what they’ll do in the future. Once you have this data collected in one place, it’s easy to analyse and use for the benefit of your business.

The right customer database, customer relationship management (CRM) or client management software depends on the level of information, complexity and privacy needs your business has. We’ve seen names, phone numbers and birthdays through specialist medical software. No matter how you keep it – we recommend a strong customer database and be sure it’s constantly updated and maintained for compliance.

If you choose to manage and build customer databases with our software, you’ll get the benefit of mobile phone compliance and immediate access. For personalisation in marketing, sales and customer retention. You can use customer data to create very targeted SMS campaigns. Personalised campaigns feature better click-through rates than generic mailings, and targeted content generates more leads than generic content.

6. Measure the true impact of SMS on your ROI

Are you making your SMS budget go far enough? Measuring the cost of your SMS campaign from send to sale is essential to understanding the true impact of SMS on your ROI. With Tall Bob, you’ll gain full transparency into every campaign’s cost-per-send, total spend and revenue generated from each SMS campaign.

All you need is one platform to measure your SMS performance effectively. See how our SMS analytics, reporting and ability to provide you with real-time stats can better optimise your campaigns.

Our SMS analytics and reporting makes it easy for you to make business decisions, fast.

Every good SMS program needs a solid foundation. For example, you need to make sure your messages are compliant and your content is easily consumable on every device. What happens when your program grows beyond the basics?

Imagine your business has mastered all the fundamentals of SMS marketing: You have a solid sender ID, a well-crafted opt-in process and an autoresponder that’s driving revenue. What comes next?

The answer is simple: advanced analytics and reporting. If you’re not regularly reviewing and analysing the data behind your SMS program, how can you know what’s working and what isn’t — or what you need to do next to reach your goals?

At Tall Bob, our service doesn’t end when you hit send.

In order to get the most out of your text messaging strategy, you need valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t. Tall Bob helps you see how your programs are performing and gives you recommendations to boost your ROI. 

It’s because we believe in providing you with rich insights every step of the way. Tall Bob will help you understand who’s reading and engaging, so you can reach them in the best way possible.

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