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CASE STUDY: SMS for lost customers




Our customer is Australia’s go-to for on-demand sales events and online-only deals on well-known and beloved brands. With an extensive database of bargain hunters, our customer wanted to try a direct channel that delivered limited-time offers into customers’ hands. They wanted to send SMS for lost customers.


The challenge


As a leading e-retailer, they were one of the originals when it came to creating and building a loyal customer base. However, even a loyal customer base will see a segment of customers who hadn’t made a purchase from the company for some time.


Naturally, the online store wanted to recapture this segment of customers to purchase again. So Tall Bob and the online store set out three core objectives to re-engage customers.


Test engagement of SMS


Together, we introduced SMS using Tall Bob’s gateway and platform services to deliver text messages their unengaged segment as a test and learn before embedding mobile messaging as part of the standard customer communications journey


This test was possible with unique and trackable offer codes


Returning lapsed customers to their site


Knowing that SMS cou;ld be part of their future strategy, the retailer quickly established SMS as a channel could and should customers used to receiving regular communications from.


Creating predictability and consistency would familiarise customers with the SMS marketing process making it easier for them to access deals and increase overall customer engagement.


Deliver high click-through rates

To enable as seamless and trackable journey as possible, the store adapted our technology by using a a redirected landing page to track and maximise website traffic.



Here’s how we changed the experience


Tall Bob didn’t over-engineer the SMS channel to keep things nice and tidy for the online store – it was a quick plug into their existing reporting and analytics dashboards.




Tall Bob used the best from our platform – the ability to send bulk SMS and measure engagement and clickthrough and used a redirect to a dedicated landing page for the online store.


That gave unique analytics on send and the online store the ability to start converting immediately on-site. 


These changes resulted in a 7% increase in customer engagement, including:


  • 98% open rates
  • 7.05% engagement rate
  • 1.26% redemption rate (over $60)



So, what’s next?


SMS is now a solid part of the online store’s campaign channel mix. So, the next time you get an SMS inviting you to come back for more bargains – it could be an SMS powered by us and delivering customer lifetime value over and over again.


That can be you, too. Talk to Tall Bob today.



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