SMS for Fashion: A Case Study

SMS for Fashion Results

Our fashionable background

Our case study customer is an Australian-owned brand designing vintage-inspired fashion with a modern, luxurious twist. They’ve been styling Australian women since 1985, with over 80 boutiques and a thriving e-commerce store with a dedicated and loyal customer program, including SMS.

The challenge

As a part of their loyalty program, customers get reward vouchers based on their previous month’s spending. Those rewards are added to the customer’s account each month. It brings customers back for ongoing customer lifetime value (CLTV).

So when the fashion brand spotted a drop in voucher redemption, they spotted a lack of engagement in their loyalty program. It was clear something needed to change.

They needed a new conversion channel to get customer engagement back on track and keep ROI low. They turned to SMS, which can be super valued by fashion buyers. There’s some great reasons to deliver vouchers by SMS.

The fashion brand had three core objectives to overcome to boost customer engagement.

Three Core Objectives for SMS

Boost SMS engagement for a fashion e-commerce store

The first thing the fashion brand did was to drive traffic to their e-commerce store to increase and measure customer engagement. They made the rewards program easier to use and find on the web store.

Next, we helped them by redesigning the loyalty customer touchpoints to use SMS to boost end-of-month redemption for inactive customers. Our experience told us that SMS can drive more people to e-commerce stores. They saw an increase in activity in the customer loyalty program.

Deliver SMS ROI

To ensure that the fashion brand would deliver customer lifetime value through loyalty, they started sending an SMS with a reward redemption landing page to customers who had not purchased in a month, around 4 days before the end of the month.

Increase conversions with reward vouchers

The fashion brand spotted some opportunities to increase purchase conversions.

  • By creating urgency on offer expiry – by using SMS with a 97% open rate, they could ensure more customers would see the offer. More opens means more FOMO when their customer realises that they might lose their reward voucher.
  • Match and complement with other loyalty communications – using email with SMS can increase the chance of conversions with repeated offer impressions.
SMS helped our customer to

Here’s how we changed the fashion experience with SMS

By adding SMS, the fashion brand added a new low-cost channel that boosted their loyalty redemption rates and increased cart values, while complimenting their customer experience.

Thanks to the great results they saw within their first campaign, they automated their monthly campaigns with both SMS and email. Their marketing team can now send emails with longer-form content and information without urgency and deliver SMS for time-limited offers.

Better still, the fashion brand could create bespoke offers and deals on a mobile landing page that measured every conversion point along the customer journey – such as:

  • Delivery (data quality)
  • Unsubs (receptiveness)
  • Impressions (return views)
  • CTR (intent)
  • Redemption (conversion)
  • Cart size (ROI)

Want to see SMS results like that for your fashion brand?

We’ve been working with retailers across Australia and APAC for years and we know what works. We’d love to look at what you want to achieve and help build a mobile engagement strategy that’s right for you.

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