10 Texts for Mother’s Day: Guide to SMS and MMS Marketing

As Mother’s Day approaches, retailers are feeling the pressure to find the perfect way to woo their customers. Fortunately, SMS and MMS marketing are like Cupid’s arrows, only more effective and less likely to cause bodily harm. In this blog, we will explore how these marketing tools can help you hit the bullseye and provide some playful examples to get your creative juices flowing. So buckle up, buttercup, and let’s get started!

SMS for Mother’s Day

SMS is a great way to talk to your customers. Not sure how to get started? It’s easy with our Setting Up SMS for Success guide.

  1. Offer a Discount: “Happy Mother’s Day! Use code MOTHERSDAY10 for 10% off your purchase today.”
  2. Provide a Gift Guide: “Celebrate your mum with the perfect gift! Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for inspiration.”
  3. Share a Reminder: “Don’t forget! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Shop now for the perfect gift.”
  4. Send a Personalized Message: “Hey [First Name], surprise your mom with something special this Mother’s Day. Shop our collection now!”
  5. Offer Free Shipping: “Treat your mum to something special and get free shipping on all Mother’s Day orders.”
  1. Share a Time-Sensitive Offer: “Last chance to get your Mother’s Day gift! Shop now and receive 15% off your purchase.”
  2. Promote Your Best-Selling Items: “Our most popular Mother’s Day gifts are selling fast. Get yours before they’re gone!”
  3. Create Urgency: “Only a few days left to shop for Mother’s Day. Don’t wait – get your gift now!”
  4. Offer a BOGO Deal: “Buy one Mother’s Day gift, get the second 50% off. Treat both you and your mum!”
  5. Share Customer Reviews: “Our customers love our Mother’s Day gifts! Check out our reviews and get inspired.”

MMS for Mother’s Day

MMS is becoming even easier (and cheaper) to use and can be an incredible way to use imagery to make your brand sparkle. And, if you’re not sure how to get started, you can start with our MMS Messaging 101.

  1. Showcase Your Products: Share a photo of your top-selling Mother’s Day items with a message like “Make Mom’s day special with one of these amazing gifts.”
  2. Highlight Your Brand: Share a video or image of your brand story with a message like “At [Brand Name], we know how special moms are. Celebrate her with one of our Mother’s Day gifts.”
  3. Create a Gift Guide: Share a collage of your top Mother’s Day gifts with a message like “Find the perfect gift for Mom with our Mother’s Day gift guide.”
  4. Use Animations: Share an animated GIF with a message like “Surprise Mom with something special this Mother’s Day!”
  5. Provide a Recipe: Share a recipe for a special Mother’s Day treat with a message like “Cook up something special for Mom this Mother’s Day with our delicious recipe.”
  1. Share a Personal Story: Share a photo and story of your own mom with a message like “Celebrate your mom with a gift she’ll love. We’re inspired by our own moms and want to help you find the perfect gift.”
  2. Create a Video: Share a video of your products with a message like “Find the perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day. Check out our amazing collection!”
  3. Use Humor: Share a funny Mother’s Day meme or joke with a message like “Brighten your mom’s day with a smile and one of our amazing gifts.”
  4. Share a Testimonial: Share a photo and testimonial from a happy customer with a message like “Our customers love our Mother’s Day gifts. See what they have to say and find the perfect gift for Mom.”
  5. Use a Call-to-Action: Share an image of your products with a message like “Get the perfect Mother’s Day gift today. Shop now and make Mom’s day!

With SMS and MMS marketing, you can say “I love you, Mum” in a whole new way. Just like our friends at Delivering Joy do. So why settle for boring, old-fashioned methods when you can use these text-tastic tools to make her heart skip a beat? From discounts and gift guides to personalized messages and product showcases, there’s no shortage of ways to charm your customers this Mother’s Day. So go ahead and give it a try – after all, as every mom knows, it’s the thought that counts (but a little retail therapy never hurts). Happy Mother’s Day, and may your sales soar higher than a bouquet of helium balloons!

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