Re-Using Marketing Assets

Top 5 Tips for Re-Using Marketing Assets for MMS

Need some top tips on bringing MMS to life? Never fear, we’ve got you sorted. Re-using your marketing assets. We like working smarter – not harder!

For digital marketers, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a powerful tool that can take your marketing campaigns to the next – and incredibly personal – level. By incorporating images, videos, and audio clips into text messages, MMS provides your audience a more captivating and memorable messaging experience. In our previous blog, we explored the significance of MMS in marketing and its potential to boost your marketing efforts. Now, let’s delve deeper into the art of repurposing your existing marketing assets for MMS, maximizing your reach, and achieving better engagement.

Top tip 1. Leveraging Your Existing Marketing Assets: Reuse is awesome

As a savvy marketer, you’ve already invested time and effort in creating valuable and visual content through blog posts, videos, or infographics. Here’s the amazing news: you can breathe new life into these assets by repurposing them for MMS delivery. By converting your content into multimedia messages, you can extend their lifespan and reach a wider audience, all while delivering your message in a fresh and exciting way – and extending your brand footprint.

Top tip 2. Choosing the Right Assets to Reuse

We all know that not all marketing assets are created equal when it comes to repurposing for MMS. Choose content that aligns well with a visual format and has the potential to resonate strongly with your target audience. Engaging videos, attention-grabbing images, and captivating GIFs are excellent choices for MMS campaigns.

Top tip 3. Crafting Impactful Multimedia Messages

When repurposing your assets, remember the limitations of MMS, such as file size and character count. Mind you – 5,000 is A LOT to work with!. Tailor your content to fit within these constraints while maintaining its essence. Create compelling visuals that complement your message, and write concise yet persuasive copy to accompany them. The goal is to capture your audience’s attention quickly and effectively. It’s marketing 101!

Top tip 4. Personalisation for Enhanced Engagement

Personalisation is a key driver of engagement in marketing. Use your customer data and segmentation to tailor your MMS messages to individual preferences and interests. By addressing your audience on a personal level, you can make them feel valued and increase the likelihood of them engaging with your content and calls to action. Remember, this is your key to brand trust and continued success.

Top tip 5. A/B Testing for Optimisation

As you launch your repurposed MMS campaigns, use the same principles of A/B testing to gauge their effectiveness. Test different variations of your multimedia messages to identify what resonates best with your audience. Analyze the results and use data-driven insights to optimize future campaigns and improve your overall MMS strategy. Is it an image or a gif? A personalised subject line? We’ve seen many options – it’s about knowing your customers and their behaviour.

Case Studies: Successful Repurposed MMS Marketing Examples

Draw inspiration from successful businesses that have mastered the art of reusing marketing assets for MMS. From a popular fast-food chain using mouth-watering images to drive sales to a fashion retailer announcing seasonal discounts through engaging MMS messages, these examples showcase the impact of effective MMS repurposing on brand visibility, customer engagement, and conversion rates. One of our favourites is a luxury brand that uses social video assets in MMS to their customer base.

The Future of MMS in Marketing:

As technology advances, MMS is expected to become increasingly vital in digital marketing. With improvements in mobile technology and broader accessibility, multimedia content within MMS messages will become more sophisticated and varied. Businesses that adapt and innovate with MMS will gain a competitive edge in reaching and engaging their target audience. And, with more demands and more channels for marketers to juggle, re-using marketing assets is essential. It’s all about versatility.

Embrace the Power of MMS (and save time!)

Re-using marketing assets for MMS is a game-changer in modern marketing. By capitalizing on the unique visual appeal and direct reach of MMS, you can elevate your marketing campaigns and drive better results. Remember to choose the right assets, personalize your messages, and continuously optimize through A/B testing. The future of marketing is multimedia, and your business can thrive in this exciting landscape by harnessing the power of MMS. So, why wait? Start repurposing and reaping the rewards of MMS today!

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