Ortto and Tall Bob Press Release

Press Release: Ortto and Tall Bob

Australian-grown Ortto and Tall Bob partner to deliver better SMS and MMS for Australian & New Zealand businesses

Two Australian-born technology providers have joined forces to bring more power and choice to marketers in Australia/New Zealand with mobile messaging that is more local, cost-effective, and integrated. It’s a partnership that sees two Australian software companies come together to deliver a world-class mobile-first solution for marketers building data-driven, personalised, omnichannel campaigns.

While Ortto has been able to provide SMS to their customers in the past, this is the first time they’ve chosen a local provider that’s directly connected to Australia and New Zealand’s leading telcos. This new partnership goes beyond a messaging pipe, it creates a trusted platform for Australian/New Zealand marketers to create end-to-end automated marketing journeys, driven by analytics that continually optimise for best-practice customer engagement, experience, and results.

While both Ortto and Tall Bob help businesses across a range of industries, sizes, and use cases, they work closely with not-for-profits, service organisations, professional services, and more. Together, they bring decades of experience in data, customer communication, messaging, analytics, and now, AI.

“For an increasing number of businesses, SMS is a crucial part of marketing journeys that drive revenue,” Bridie Easton, VP of Customer & Operations at Ortto shared. “When deciding which SMS platform we should integrate with, Tall Bob, a trusted and reliable Aussie company, was a natural go-to. Our partnership will allow Tall Bob and Ortto customers to utilise their customer data to create and send personalised SMS messages as part of omnichannel marketing campaigns and measure the impact of their SMS campaigns with easy-to-build reports and dashboards.”

Tall Bob CEO Ryan Berman remarked “As an Australian mobile technology and business, we partner with world-leading marketing automation and businesses to deliver mobile messaging that’s more trusted and reliable. And we all know some of the remarkable software developments, from Atlassian to Canva, that have been borne from Australian ingenuity. Ortto is an impressive market leader in marketing automation, and we’re thrilled to partner with a fellow Australian technology to raise the industry standard to bring more mobile trust and reliability.”

Both Ortto and Tall Bob look forward to their continued partnership to bring customer-centric marketing automation into the hands of more Australian, New Zealand, and global businesses.

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About Ortto

Ortto brings customer data, marketing automation, and analytics together to empower marketers to act with confidence and increase their impact on revenue. Sophisticated yet easy to use, over 3,000 customers trust Ortto to deliver great customer experiences at scale. Launched in 2015, Ortto’s team is located in Australia, Europe, and the US. To date, the company has raised $35M in venture funding from backers including Blackbird, Rembrandt, and Salesforce Ventures.


About Tall Bob

Tall Bob is an Australian pioneer and innovator in the mobile engagement industry. Based in Melbourne and delivering worldwide, Tall Bob believes that there’s more to SMS than 160 static characters. It’s a powerful solution to mass communication and can be used to dramatically grow brands and businesses. Using sophisticated engagement strategies and intelligent data analytics our service provides crafted, smart, scalable SMS and MMS solutions that don’t just send – but deliver. Tall Bob works with and helps hundreds of globally recognised brands and partners to deliver sharp, creative messages in a matter of seconds, right into the hands of their consumers.

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