Tall Bob Update: Ryan Berman

Tall Bob Update: November 2022

Welcome to November 2022. We’re here to share some huge updates at Tall Bob.

Here’s our handy-dandy guide to how we’re making things better for our customers and what’s coming in 2023.

Want to know the latest SMS Stats? Check out the insights that’ll help in 2023.

Get 2023 ready with a bang

While everyone else may be taking it easy in January, we’re not.

That’s why the Tall Bob team are already working with our clients to work on their strategies to update, validate & strengthen their databases and SMS ROI.


With our years of experience, we’ve built a mobile data-clean solution to identify invalid numbers in your database.  This gives you more information on what numbers to delete from your lists, improve your segmentation and data quality. Ultimately, it’ll improve your ROI. It can help set you up with number of different strategies to set you up for success in 2023.

Why bother?

It’s a great question and so glad you asked. Did you know that every mobile number you submit to ‘send’ gets counted in your total SMS count (and therefore your cost). It’s why we talk about your ROI as much as you, because a healthy SMS database means a stronger ROI. And that’s just another reason why some send and we deliver.

New product updates

Introducing what our tech and product teams have been creating better ways to make our web platform work even better.

Manage Contacts November 2022

Better contacts interface

Delivering great SMS and MMS starts with the contacts you want to engage with. It’s why we’ve made our contacts management more intuitive and easier to navigate. In fact, you’ve already got access to the new interface that will be launching in January 2023.
We expect it’ll make keeping your contact lists and segments even easier and manageable.

Reporting November 2022

Reimagined reporting

To say we talk about analytics a lot is an understatement. But, we also knew that our out-of-the-box reporting was OK, but not brilliant. Thanks to some clever work and your feedback, we’ve been able to overhaul our reporting engine to ensure faster report generation. As a result, new and more informative dashboards will be released early in 2023 so that the analytics you need are at your fingertips.

Spin the Wheel - November 2022

Gamify your next message

We’re super proud, and a little bit geeky about the engagement tools we’ve built for more memorable messaging. From scratchie reveals (and we’ve all been guilty of refreshing the screen to try it agains), to streaming videos and to offering questionnaires and surveys.
Now, we’re taking it old-school game-show style with Spin the Wheel. Like the rest of our tools, you’ll see your customers engaging with it over, and over again. And we think you will to!

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Spotlight on Tall Bob’s integrations

Emarsys and Tall Bob Logos


We’ve been working with Emarsys for years and now we’re natively integrated to Emarsys to power marketer and communicators everywhere.
So, if you’re already using Emarsys, or just thinking about it and want to work with an SMS partner that can help you deliver better, our team are here and ready to get you going, faster and easier than you probably think!

Other Tall Bob updates

Beyond the product updates, there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes at Tall Bob.

Check out our latest blog series

Our Head of Marketing, Rach, spoke recently about how to make the most of SMS this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can read her thoughts in her recent blog series.

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Updates to our user guides

As we’ve been building more features and integrations, we’ve also been overhauling our support and user guides. New guides are already available, and you’ll see more and more every week.

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Stay tuned: MMS is about to become magical

We’re going to be talking alot about MMS next year. If you want to be on the fast track, reach out to the team today.

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That’s all for the updates for now. If we don’t speak to you beforehand, the entire Tall Bob team wish you a safe and happy break.

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